Mobile apps development

Development of mobile apps for Android, Blackberry and iOS.

Our main points:

  • Development process from start to finish – from getting your application idea and creating formal specifications, application design, coding, testing and publishing the final product to app stores
  • Agile development practices – through working closely with our clients and following strict quality standards.
  • Continuing technical support and maintenance for apps we developed
  • We can provide bug fixing and adding functionality to the apps you already have
  • Only in-house developers (no outsourcing)

What kind of apps run on mobile devices? More...Less...

There three major app types that can be develop for mobile platforms – native, web and hybrid. Below is explanation what they are.

Native apps

Native apps are developed using platform-specific development tools. They support advanced device-specific features and communication technologies (like WiFi, Bluetooth or Near Field Communication). Native apps can provide very complex and polished user experience.

Mobile Web apps

Mobile web apps runs in tablets and mobile phones browsers. The same app can automatically run on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry). This makes them more economical to develop. With fast advancements in HTML 5 (the main technology used in development of web apps) the gap in supported functionality between native and web mobile apps is decreasing (with using tools as Phonegap).

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are apps that incorporate both, native and web components. Native component gives access to the features not yet supported through web component. This apps can be more economical to develop than native apps and can be easily ported to run on multiple platforms.

Web design and development

  • Website planning, analysis and design
  • Re-design and update of existing websites
  • Graphics design
  • Template building
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom programming and web applications
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website optimization for mobile devices
  • Setting up web hosting accounts
  • Setting up company Facebook pages
  • Website maintenance and support

Why is a well-designed Web site important? More...Less...

Your Web site design distinguishes your company from your competitors. It makes your company stand out from the crowd. A properly programmed Web site is easily found by search engines and customers.

Your company Web site tells a lot about your company, and first impressions are very important. Many potential customers first encounter a company through its Web site, prior to any personal contact.

When you are choosing developer for your website – it is important to make sure you will receive website developed according to latest development standards. Quality is the most important aspect of our process. We insist on doing things the right way, with no shortcuts. We will not bypass important steps simply to lower the price because, in the end, cutting corners always shows up later with negative effects. At the same time, our prices are very competitive for the standards we achieve.